E85 Calculator


Which is Better...On your Wallet?

E85 or Unleaded Gasoline

Go to the calculator page to check which type of fuel to fill up with...E85 (Flex Fuel) or Unleaded Gasoline.

You only need to input 4 values. Your cars average MPG on E85 and Unleaded Gasoline and the price of each type of fuel. The E85 calculator will run calculations to determine which type of gas is more cost effective.

Before filling your car with E85 check your car manual to make sure your car can run on E85 fuel.

With the fluctuating gas prices it's hard to tell if you're getting your money's worth out of your tank of gas. If you're like me and you drive a car that can drive on E85 (Flex Fuel) Gasoline then you may drive by the gas station, see that E85 is cheaper than Unleaded Gas, and wonder if you should fill your car with E85. It all depends on how much of a price gap is between the two types of fuel.

It's common that your gas mileage (MPG) will be worse when driving on E85. The price gap is what helps determine if the decrease in gas mileage is worth it.